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    I haven’t been well the last few days, mostly sleeping and dreaming.

    One day I was remembering an old friend of ours, who still is very dear to us, but to whom we haven’t spoken for a long time.

    Around the time we hung out, I was trying to make a film about a Toad that sat underneath a giant tap to keep itself alive.  I needed a soundtrack, so I stealthily rigged up the old Juno and programmed it up with a crazy organ noise. S’ was out at the previously mentioned friends house and came back in a rather chilled mood. Unprompted, she sat at the keyboard and straight out played this, I had the 4-track ready to go and caught it.

    Many years later I finished the film, and here it is.

    I watched it a few days ago and realised that behind the toad thing it’s a concealed love letter from us, to our dear friend.

    This post is for her.

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    October 22, 2010, 12:31pm

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    Animated Journal (long version) 

    1. I haven’t posted this here directly yet, because I was trying to get it to show up big on my theme (like on my slow blog), but I gave up on that.
    2. Art doesn’t have to be a career objective, or a total obsession, or something you make money from, or even something that other people will like.  It can be just something you make for yourself, in the cracks of your life, and if you put it up somewhere and other people connect with it, then that’s cool.
    3. I wouldn’t have made this thing if it hadn’t been for Tumblr and the people I found here.
    4. Normal service now resumes.

    You can other posts about this project here.

    August 05, 2010, 8:52pm

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