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365 Day Sketch Project Update: Days 23 - 37

#365 Day Sketch Project: Days 23 - 37

Well over a month in. Quite chuffed. I had a few medical incidents during the course of this (see below) so there are a few rushed, but done.

23/365. Update on 12/365. I might be doing this a lot. Is that against the rules? #therearenorules #Iamtherules. Pencil. Notebook: Ethel.

24/365. So yesterday my foot had a severe altercation with the front room door. A long and difficult story. Suffice…

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365 Sketch Project 11-22

Blog Post: 365 Sketch Project Part 2

Still going after over three weeks. It’s interesting to see what you notice.

(Text culled from the Instagram posts.)

(If you can’t see the embeds you might need to go here to see them.)

(Oh yes, and about half way through this sequence I start  recording which notebook each sketch is in, more on that later.)

11/365.  Bottle opener left to me by my dearly departed Nan. With actual scorpion.…

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365 Sketch Project: 1-10

#365 Sketch Project: 1-10

I’m not sure what happened. I was waiting to go out and so sat and drew a chair, then watch myself in slow motion as I added “1/365″ and then posted it on the internet.

Drawing everyday is obviously an aspiration that gets pushed aside with everyday business, work and (here’s the rub) mechanical distractions. I never draw as much as I want to. So launching the spectre of mild internet shame upon…

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Galdrakver (‘Little Book Of Magic’)

The ‘Little Book Of Magic’ is a seventeenth-century Icelandic manuscript, written on animal skin and containing magical staves, sigils, prayers, charms and related texts.

It is known to have once been owned by Icelandic Bishop Hannes Finnson who was alive from 1739 until 1796 and known for having a vast library containing many volumes of magic related texts and manuscripts.

Full manuscript here.


بديع الزمان أَبُو اَلْعِزِ بْنُ إسْماعِيلِ بْنُ الرِّزاز الجزري‎ [Badi’al-Zaman Abū al-‘Izz ibn Ismā’īl ibn al-Razāz al-Jazarī]; early 14th century treatise on automata; Kitab fi ma’ari-fat al-hiyal al-handasiya (1206 C.E.).

Early 14th century (1315); copied in Egypt; c.1354.