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Animated Journal (long version) 

  1. I haven’t posted this here directly yet, because I was trying to get it to show up big on my theme (like on my slow blog), but I gave up on that.
  2. Art doesn’t have to be a career objective, or a total obsession, or something you make money from, or even something that other people will like.  It can be just something you make for yourself, in the cracks of your life, and if you put it up somewhere and other people connect with it, then that’s cool.
  3. I wouldn’t have made this thing if it hadn’t been for Tumblr and the people I found here.
  4. Normal service now resumes.

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Animated Journal (Bad Whisper) by me

These are all out of sequence now. I stopped posting them, because I lost a bit of confidence in what I was doing, but still kept making them. This one’s from mid-spring.

I’m in the process of putting them all together into a longer form.


Animated Journal No.8 by @Burningfp

“I’m not really sure what to make of Paul’s animated experiments but there is something hypnotic and mesmerizing about these snippets of life. It’s like dipping a toe in somebody else’s sensorial experience, vaguely voyeuristic without the seedy Big Brother connotations. Which is a good thing, because somehow I doubt an animator’s lifestyle could compete with the glossy glamour of watching a Z-list celebrity painting their toenails.”

4mations on Animated Journal

note to self - more seediness and toe nail painting…