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I Need My Pain:  

This Kirk talk was reminded to me from a previous post.

There is a definite theme here. Possibly against some of the perceived nullifying effects of old school psychotherapy?

For some reason, though, in my head it happened in TOS and Kirk was pretty much talking to himself, resisting effects of a creature that had come onboard and was removing all psychological trauma of the crew. Kirk was the last. It was one of those episode where Spock turns into a hippy.

Can anyone confirm this?

Anyways, as always tagged:  AllThingsThatDontComeFromSpringsteenComeFromShatner.

“There was an episode, one of my favorite moments in Star Trek, when Captain Kirk looks over the cosmos and says, ‘Somewhere out there someone is saying the three most beautiful words in any language.’ Of course your heart sinks and you think it’s going to be, ‘I love you’ or whatever. He says, ‘Please help me.’ What a philosophically fantastic idea, that vulnerability and need is a beautiful thing.”

– Hugh Laurie (via thiscoffeedrenchedlife)