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    My name is Paul Greer.  I make CGI for the telly and poorly executed animation in my spare time.

    I have been working in the CGI industry for 12 years and have worked on programs such as the BBC’s “Frozen Planet”, “Wonders of the Universe”, “Yellowstone" and "British Style Genius" and also "The Boy with the Incredible Brain”.

    This is my blog and I use it to post things I make, and other stuff I like generally (eg comics, notebooks, drawingsetc).

    I have some house rules.

    I am on TwitterGoogle+, LinkedIn, Facebook (if you like that kind of thing) and ThisIsMyJam.

    If you need any work doing you can contact my employer (nothing I post here necessarily reflects their opinions, obviously). 

    If you have any inquiries regarding my more personal work it might be best to contact me directly.

    I have a few side projects on the go but I am always interested in hearing from people who are interested in having some unusual animation for any purpose, including short films, and music projects (VJing, video’s etc).

    Alternatively you can ask me questions on Tumblr, Twitter, or email me, if want to keep it secret.

    Please make yourself at home.

    Thanks for popping by!

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